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Located in the ancient village of Trebiano, La Maison De Beauvoir, historic residence as well as the home and workroom of the painter Hélène De Beauvoir, sister of famous writer Simone, noe is designated as an exclusive tourist reception.

The 1300 buildings has been fully restored and equipped with every modern comfort while maintaining intact it's structural, historical and artistic peculiarities .


Hélène De Beauvoir (June 6 1910, Paris – July 1 2001 Groxwiller), enters, as soon as she completed her studies, in a technical school where she learns etching. In the meanwhile she studies painting in various academies of Montparnasse and acquires the "splash" taste that never left her.

The artist, closer to the abstracts than to the realistics, never took part of a precise movement; the care rigor led her between 1954 and 1960 to a disassembling of the form in light in order to give her paintings the appearance of a mosaic.

Since 1960 a retired life in the countryside between Groxwiller in Alsace and Trebiano in Italy, has allowed Hélène De Beauvoir to clarify her views on space and light and to develope an informally work.

She has exhibited several times in the most famous galleries of Italy, Japan, Germany; in Lusanne, Bruxselles, Hauge, Amsterdam, Paris and New York.


A little preview of the works on the Maison
"Le petit âne en voit de toutes les couleurs"
"Cueillette d'olives"


“ My sister is not living in Paris anymore(...) . During the summer in Italy, in her Trebiano house, she works in a bigworkroom filled with sunlight. (...) I finally arrived in the village from wich you go up to Trebiano : from the bottom the village looked awesome, with his castle, the majestic baroque church, the walls dropping in the hill (...) What a reward, finding myself sitting on a terrace with my sister, looking at the countryside and the sea! ”.

Simone De Beauvoir, All Said and Done

Lerici e Golf Club
5 Terre

Trebiano is a medieval village with a particularly romantic profile, remained unchanged in its structure perched, with houses taht appear close to each other, creating an unmistakable palette of soft color.